Consulting & Advisory Services


Dr. Rajika Bhandari is an expert in international higher education and senior leader with over 25 years of executive and management experience in research; monitoring and evaluation; and thought leadership strategy in the nonprofit, private and higher education sectors. A scholar-practitioner, she brings to her work and clients a deeply nuanced, rigorous, and global approach to educational issues. Her experience spans 22 countries, with regional expertise in the U.S. and India.

Research and Impact Strategy

I am passionate about leveraging data and findings to drive learning and program improvement. As a highly-experienced social scientist who has led large, high-profile national and international-level surveys and impact studies in education, I help clients with the full lifecycle of mixed methods (qualitative and quantitative) research, including design and methodology; developing data collection tools; data management and analysis; shaping and dissemination of key findings; and providing quality assurance. I design and implement a full range of program evaluations, including theory-driven, process, implementation and outcomes evaluations, as well as large-scale impact studies to assess the longitudinal and global impact of international education programs, especially on alumni.

Thought Leadership Strategy

I work with organizations and individuals to help them amplify their voice and visibility by developing a comprehensive thought leadership strategy that brings together content and other assets such as research, events and publications. This can include how to disseminate and position knowledge products with multiple audiences, including global press and media. Learn how to translate your expertise into influence.

Curation and Moderating

I enjoy bringing together influencers and ideas and being at the heart of a great conversation. I assist organizations and institutions convene and curate, as well as chair and moderate, high-level dialogues and events involving global experts on a wide range of educational issues. My experience has ranged from bringing together virtual sessions including 10,000+ school leaders and teachers, to moderating discussions amongst university and government leaders across the world, writers and artists, and public intellectuals like Noam Chomsky.

Editorial Services

With over 50 publications including research reports, white papers, book chapters and briefs, as well as multiple academic/research and nonfiction books, I help clients with:

  • Storytelling, narrative, and developing written products for a wide range of audiences, including reports, research briefs, opinion pieces and blogs; synthesizing and analyzing existing data to develop research-based written products

  • Translating academic and social science research into user-friendly knowledge products for mainstream audiences

  • Coaching in writing and developing effective and compelling knowledge products such as research briefs, research reports, and white papers

  • Best practices in conducting desk research and leveraging data and evidence for nonfiction writing

  • Proposal writing for grant applications for government agencies and foundations

Coaching and Training

Based on my experience with teaching at the post-secondary level, organizing workshops, and mentoring the next generation of international education professionals, I offer group trainings as well as individualized coaching in areas such as: developing user-friendly research and knowledge products for a wide audience; developing in-house data collection systems with a focus on student data; and succeeding in the U.S. as an international student.