Rajika Bhandari

Dr. Rajika Bhandari is an international higher education expert and a scholar-practitioner with over 25 years of executive and management experience in student mobility research and data-driven insights; monitoring, evaluation, and impact studies of international education programs; and shaping thought leadership strategy in the nonprofit, private and higher education sectors. She is the founder of Rajika Bhandari Advisors, offering data-driven and evidence-based strategic consulting and advisory services for global higher education institutions; multilateral organizations; governmental agencies; foundations; and the nonprofit sector.

An author, a first-generation immigrant and Indian American, and mentor to young professionals, Rajika’s work and writings are at the intersection of access and equity in education; cultural and international influences; and finding and developing one’s voice as a thought leader.


International education expert and author of the new book, America Calling: A Foreign Student in a Country of Possibility

New York City

International students and immigrants have been the secret ingredient in America’s recipe for global success. America Calling shares one immigrant’s story, a tale that reflects millions more, and shows us why preventing the world’s best and brightest from seeking the American Dream will put this country’s future in jeopardy.